In search of King Kong

By the end of our 5 days walking in the Mendips, our bodies had got used to the increased activity and the walking and carrying got easier. We were keen to keep up the steps and so we’ve started our next challenge already, the Greensands Way. We’re going to do this route in circular day walks, the same approach as the Wayfarers. It’s pretty long, so it should keep us busy for a while!

We walked the first section last week… and went in search of King Kong!

Read about it here.

R & L

2 thoughts on “In search of King Kong

  1. I found myself, accidentally, on the Greensand Way by taking a shortcut on what looked like a more interesting path while walking the Pilgrims Way. From the cursory investigation I made later it looks like a really interesting one. I had never heard of it so i’ll be interested to read what you make of it.

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