The Damson Vodka

In the last post you’ll have read about how I picked wild damsons with the intention to make wild damson vodka. Well here’s how I got on.

This is the recipe I adapted for the amount of damsons I had:

  1. Freeze (or prick, but that sounds fiddley) 170g wild damsons
  2. Put the damsons in a bottle with 170g white sugar, 340ml vodka and 3 cloves.
  3. shake every other day for a month
  4. shake occasionally for 3 months
  5. strain and bottle
  6. leave for 6 months to mellow
  7. serve as a liquer or over ice

So far I’m about 1 month in, so I’m afraid I cannot yet vouch for whether or not this recipe is any good. I’ll let you know next summer!