Recycling your camping gear

Camping can be a ‘green’ way to holiday, but your choices can make a difference to how eco it is.

I was pleased to see this advert in my local Cotswold Outdoors store.

The man workng there explained to me that good stuff is reused by charities and other stuff is broken down into it’s constituent parts and recycled. Apparently shoes become that spongy surfacing in playgrounds!

I’ll have to have a rumage in my loft and see what I can recycle!


Wild mountain goats

A guest post for you this week – can you believe I’m related to these mountain goats?

Most of their adventures sound harrowing to me, but this one sounded fun – I think you’ll like reading about it too!


This has taken some planning, the main challenge being how to pack so that 2 adults can carry most of what is needed for 6 people to camp overnight and enjoy a day in the hills!  1,764 more words

Wild camping and walking in the Cairngorms: Glen Callater and Lochnagar — Miles Together