Embrace your inner what?

On a training trip, I was daunted trying to climb Leith Hill with a big pack on, having lost the path and walking ‘off piste’.  My little backpacking buddy encouraged me to keep going by telling me to ‘just embrace my inner goat’… and the phrase stuck!

Now faced with a daunting climb or a steep decent, I can’t help but think of that phrase – although in Pembrokeshire I think my poor inner goat was more squeezed than gently embraced!!

It might sound a bit new age, but it’s just a silly phrase to make us summon up our nerve to attempt paths that feel challenging.  There’s nothing new-agey-spiritual about us.  We became friends at our local church and we share a of love being out and about in God’s creation walking and camping.

– L

goat by kevin

Backpacking Goat drawn by Kevin