What did you pack for Pembrokeshire?

Here’s what was in my bag – L

  • sleeping bag (mountain hard wear women’s lamina 20)
  • light-weight bivy (the midi was a bit drafty, so this was a good way to add warmth/draft-proofing! Purchased  from Mountain Warehouse )
  • inflatable pillow*
  • my half of the midi (see post about tents)
  • pegs (see post about tents)
  • peg remover (waste of time, we didn’t use it)
  • campsite slippers*
  • towel ( Milestone )
  • Thermal pyjamas (Trespass ‘stalk’ top and ‘shot’ bottoms with leggings and baselayer underneath, extra long Damart socks, with little Damart shoe liners inside)
  • tubey scarf
  • spare set of clothes*
  • jumper, fleece bodywarmer
  • toiletries (no-tears baby wash (used as face wash, shower gel, shampoo), lightweigh flannel, folding toothbrush (from Boots), small toothpaste, disposable razor, shampoo flakes (not that great a buy), facial wipes, deodrant, face moisturiser (decanted into a tiny tub which a body shop sample came in), arnica cream, nail clippers).
  • sanitary products
  • firelighters & matches
  • tissues
  • jet boil (see seperate post).
  • waterproof trousers (Berghaus – unzip all the way up the leg to stop me getting too hot)
  • waterproof jacket (Lowe Alpine)
  • gaiters
  • fingerless gloves
  • waterproof gloves (Seal Skinz )
  • sitting mat (Multi-mat )
  • washing line (life venture)
  • battery pack
  • phone charger
  • headtorch
  • mugs
  • snacks
  • dyhydrated food
  • water bottles*
  • baseball cap
  • notebook
  • pencil
  • phone
  • waterproof phone case
  • wallet
  • insect replent
  • suncream & lip protector
  • vaseline

And here’s what was in mine – R

  • hyperlite ulta mid 4 shell
  • tent pole
  • sleeping bag (Western Mountaineering )
  • thermarest neoair mat
  • thermarest neoair pump
  • pillow
  • 3 innersocks
  • 2 outersocks
  • 3 pants
  • 3 T-shirts
  • 2 trousers
  • sleeping trousers
  • sleeping vest
  • eyemask
  • lowe alpine jumper
  • lightweight fleece
  • gillet
  • waterproof jacket
  • waterproof trousers
  • warm hat
  • sunhat
  • gloves
  • walking trainers
  • waterproof socks
  • toilettries (toothpaste, toothbrush, chapstick, johnstone’s top-to-toe, deodrant wipes, moisturiser)
  • travel towel
  • flannel
  • tissues
  • travel mirror
  • first aid kit (leukotape, compede, savlon, engopads, moleskin, waterproof plasters, paracetamol, ibuprofen, antihistamine, alcohol wipes)
  • gaiters
  • 2 bowls
  • 2 sporks & 2 knives
  • nappy bags
  • jetboil gas
  • washing up sponge, liquid & cloth
  • teabags
  • coffee
  • cuppasoups
  • multimat
  • map case & map
  • waterproof rucksack cover
  • 2 platapus 1litre water bottles
  • nalgene water bottle (1 litre)
  • shower bag  (ie bag to take things to the shower in)
  • sunglasses
  • billy scarf

Campsite slippers

Once you reach your campsite, it’s nice to take your boots off…but then what to wear around the campsite?!  Waterproof socks are the answer!!  Team them up with lightweight flipflops to protect your toes from stones etc.


It makes a big difference to how you sleep to have a nice pillow. 

I like the Vango Deep Sleep inflatable pillow (purchased from Cotswolds ) .  The surface feels nice, the curve fits over your shoulder whether you’re sleeping on your back or your side, and you can deflate it a bit if you want it to be less high.  It also fitted snuggly inside the hood of my sleeping bag which kept it in place. – L


My trousers that unzip to shorts are very handy.  My longsleeved tops were fustrating as they were too tight to roll the sleeves up… and I didn’t want to have to take my bag on & off the whole time.  Next time I’ll check that before I buy! – L

Water bottles

Nalgene bottles can double as hot water bottles.

We carried about 3 litre of water each.


My favourite socks – injinji .  They are individual toe socks, which means they allow your toes to spread out as nature intended them to. – R