A family day out!

My family of Dutch ovens emerged from their hybernation in the shed yesterday! Daddy pot, Mummy pot and Baby pot all got a sterilising bath of boiling water.

But it was more of a family day out than that!! COVID rules where I live allow us to have garden visitors, so my cousin came for lunch under the gazebo!

We had a simple lunch of sweet potato soup warmed over the fire and with the help of Paul Hollywood, we had freshly baked rolls to accompany it! Such a simple idea, not sure why I’ve never thought of finishing par-cooked rolls in the dutch oven before.

And of course food always tastes better outside!


This is not an April fool…

I have a new challenge – 1000 hours outside by this time next year!

Here’s my pretty colouring chart to keep track of my progress – you’ll see that today I managed 1 hour!

It’s really a challenge for children – but I forgot to grow up!

We all know it’s good for us to get away from the screens, get out in the fresh air and spend some time in creation…so print your own tracker and join me!

1 down, 999 hours to go!