Out of puff!

Last time I put the gazebo up the pump wasn’t working well. I remembered that when I’d last used it, before Christmas, I was suspicious it was getting less efficient, but this time it was clearly not right! I remember blogging saying I could put it up by myself in no time at all. It was now hard work and taking forever – the pump and I were both out of puff!!

I emailed outwell explaining that I’d bought the gazebo in 2019 and was disappointed the pump had stopped working – could they send me replacement valve to fix it? Yesterday I received a parcel – a brand new cyclone pump!

This morning I tried it out – and the gazebo positively sprung up!

This pump is better than the original as it deflates as well as inflates and somehow cleverly pumps both when you pull the handle up and when you push it down. So although I wasn’t impressed the first pump broke, I am very happy with the replacement – thank you Mr Outwell!


One thought on “Out of puff!

  1. Outwell read this post and gave us another tip – the red screw in the center of the pump can change the pump from a two-way (Pump on up- and down stroke) to single way inflation (when the red screw is removed). Apparently you leave the screw in (Two-way) when you start inflating and once the pressure builds up it can be hard on the lower back to keep adding pressure on the up-stroke, this is where you remove the screw and the pump will only add pressure on the down stroke, making the last bit of the process easier.
    We’ll try that out next time!


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