Where have the goats been?

That’s a good question… and sadly the answer isn’t camping! We both enjoyed holidays recently and both enjoyed walks – one in the Braid Hills outside Edinburgh and the other in La Caleta National Park, Tenerife. We’ll leave you to guess which picture is which!!

One of us even came across some other goats on our travels!!

These ones were outside the Johnsons Mill in Hawick. They are Cashmere goats – the long hair on their chests is what gets spun into yarn to make jumpers. We were treated to a tour of the knitting factory and it was fascinating to see the machines and people who turn the wool into (very expensive!) jumpers, scarves and socks!

The camping season hopefully starts again soon – we started planning last night! A lot of campsites seem to not be opening until Easter or even May, but hopefully we can have a trip in March. Any recommendations of all year round campsites welcome (use the comments or contact us).

R & L

Happy Pancake Day!

I’ve made lots of things in a field…but oddly not normal pancakes. Banana pancakes, yes…but not the normal sort you have on pancake day.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I’m not currently standing in a field in the dark cooking tonight’s treats…I’m not even in the garden, but I did take the opportunity to practise the quantities ready for my next outdoor culinary opportunity!

Camping Pancakes (serves 2)

Mix together:

2 dessertspoonfuls dried milk powder

4 heaped dessertspoonfuls plain flour

1 egg

2 cups water

Heat oil in a frying pan. Pour in some batter. When one side is golden brown flip & cook the other.

Serve with white sugar & lemon juice (from a bottle) or syrup or chocolate spread…or whatever you have to hand in your camp kitchen.

Remember you always need more oil & a hotter pan than you think you do!!

My batter was lumpy, but this made nice thick pancakes so I couldn’t tell once they were cooked!