Putting a spring in your step #3

I know I previously told you how much I love my scarpa leather boots, but there are occasions when you don’t want to wear something so bulky and you don’t need ankle support… yet you do want something waterproof and with decent grips.  I didn’t have anything that fitted that description so I recently took myself shopping.

I did try on the things in the sale, but of course the ones that gave me that ‘ahhh’ feeling weren’t in the reduced section!  Typical!!  Anyway they weren’t too expensive – ‘Belfour women’s walking shoe’ from Mountain Warehouse.

Mountain warehouse Belfour walking shoe

I’ve never had any Mountain Warehouse own brand shoes, so I’ll keep you posted how I get on!


The camping season has begun!

This weekend saw the start of our camping season… shame we didn’t realise there was a yellow weather warning for wind today in Sussex!!  Both goats survived the experience ok, but sadly our gazebo less so!

However, before that rather over exciting end to our trip this morning, we had a very  pleasant evening cooking on our campfire.  Neither of us had any pancakes on Shrove Tuesday last week, so we made up for it by trying out fire pancakes – very tasty!

L & R


Cooking drop-scone pancakes on the fire!

Putting a spring in your step #2

I have spent many hours thinking about shoe options!!

Depending on your activity, I think sometimes lightweight is more important than sturdiness.  In fact there are two schools of thought about sturdy walking boots – some people think they give your foot and ankle more protection, others that the muscles don’t work as hard when they encased, so they don’t strengthen and remain vulnerable to injury.

And then there is waterproof vs breathability. Personally I prefer shoes that let my feet breath and I’m willing to get damp feet in the knowledge that if the shoes are breathable my toes will soon dry out again.

The other thing that I think is important is letting your toes spread out, it’s not good for your feet to be squashed, especially if you’re expecting them to carry you a long way!

And then you need to consider what terrain you’ll be covering ….and what sort of gaiters you want to put with the shoes….

… all in all I’ve tried out many shoes – none of which I wouldn’t recommend!!

The brand that is currently my favourite is ‘altra’ because it is zero drop – which means there is no incline between foot and heel which is better for my neuroma and because their shoes have a wide toe box, as don’t like squished tootsies .

I did the Pembrokeshire coastal path in Altra ‘lone peak’ shoes – and unlike the other goat, I didn’t get any blisters!!  Sadly those shoes now have holes in the mesh, the mesh wears out fairly quickly where your toes rub against it.  That said they did walk many miles!!  I’ve now replaced them with  the new model of the Altra lone peak – which is pink & pretty!!  Will have to see how I get on with them now that the good walking weather is here!



Postscript: In response to ‘follow your inner goat”s comment below, here is a picture of the pink shoes… complete with feet in them!


Putting a spring in your step #1

The sun has been shining, the daffodils are out, so it’s time to dig out your walking boots and put a spring in your step!

I love my walking boots!  They are scarpas.  I don’t like wet feet, so after some bad experiences I decided to get boots which are both leather and goretex to make doubly sure!

Scarpa boot - leather & goretex

They have been comfortable since the day I got them.  I generally think you should think ‘ahhh’ when you try shoes on, and if those ones cost a little bit more, it is money well spent!  I always wear them with an extra pair of socks to improve the fit and avoid blisters… although I confess I did get a little blister by the end of walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path, but that’s a long way!

So, now Spring is here, I decided it was time to give my boots a bit of TLC.

First I cleaned them with Nikwax cleaning gel and a toothbrush

cleaning my leather boot

Enter a caption

Then I rinsed them off and applied this waterproofing wax for leather. It feels completely wrong to put it on when the boot is wet, but it seems to work!

Waterproofing leather boot

And then after a good buff, I’m all set for whatever adventures Spring holds!


PS – tell us about your favourite pair of boots and any associated stories – use the ‘contact us’ form.