Best backpacking snacks!

When you’re backpacking you need some snacks to munch on, but you also need things that will survive in you’re backpack without getting squashed.  Here are a few of my favourites! – L

Savoury snacks

Crisps are no good as they get crushed, instead take:

oh my, thai crackers

They also used to do salt’n’pepper crackers which were good, but I haven’t seen them in a while.

super seaweed peanuts

Satay broad beans were also good – hard to describe, but don’t let the broad bean aspect put you off, these are surprisingly tasty… thing is I haven’t seen these for a while either.

salted cashew nuts

– transfer them into one of those little zippy sandwich bags and they’ll be happy in your rucksack for a couple of weeks without being too much worse for wear.

Energy while you walk

I put a mixture of the following in a zippy sandwich bag to give me energy when I’m flagging:

chewy banana chips (not at all like the hard ones you more often see in shops, these are much nicer and have no added sugar – plus they are fairtrade)

sundried mango (fairtrade and amazing to gnaw on to help you up those hills)

brazil nuts

For your coffee break

The best ever backpacking coffee break snack are my sister’s cereal bars:

Imi’s cereal bar recipe

These are still tasty after 2 weeks and can be squashed into your pack without coming to any harm!