Tents on Christmas day?!

Don’t worry we weren’t camping for Christmas!!  Although one of us was in a Youth Hostel on the top of South Downs listening to the wind howl and whistle!

And the tent in questin wasn’t outside… somewhat bizarrely it was inside a church!  We rocked up at Bishop Hannington church on Christmas morning, not quite sure what to expect… and one of the preacher’s illustrations involved erecting a tent!

tent in church!

tent in church!

I think he was explaining that Christmas marks God coming to earth as Jesus – but that he wasn’t here permenantly, just pitching his tent for a while until it was time for him to accomplish his salvation mission at Easter….anyway, I couldn’t resist grabbing a quick snap for the blog!


A fellow fire-cooking enthusiast!

Last weekend I had a lovely day out at Hampton Court Palace.  I had a free ticket and I’ve always wanted to go… so I treated myself to a little day out!

My highlight was the kitchens where I met Robin cooking over a roaring fire:


Sadly I didn’t get to try any of this roast beef, but I did later get a ham, chicken and leek pie in the cafe, which was very tasty!

Robin and his friends were very generous with their time, telling me all about traditional Tudor cooking… and got me all ‘fired up’ (boom, boom) to look up traditional recipes and spices to use in in my campfire cooking.

Roll on Spring and the start of the camping season!