Putting a spring in your step #2

I have spent many hours thinking about shoe options!!

Depending on your activity, I think sometimes lightweight is more important than sturdiness.  In fact there are two schools of thought about sturdy walking boots – some people think they give your foot and ankle more protection, others that the muscles don’t work as hard when they encased, so they don’t strengthen and remain vulnerable to injury.

And then there is waterproof vs breathability. Personally I prefer shoes that let my feet breath and I’m willing to get damp feet in the knowledge that if the shoes are breathable my toes will soon dry out again.

The other thing that I think is important is letting your toes spread out, it’s not good for your feet to be squashed, especially if you’re expecting them to carry you a long way!

And then you need to consider what terrain you’ll be covering ….and what sort of gaiters you want to put with the shoes….

… all in all I’ve tried out many shoes – none of which I wouldn’t recommend!!

The brand that is currently my favourite is ‘altra’ because it is zero drop – which means there is no incline between foot and heel which is better for my neuroma and because their shoes have a wide toe box, as don’t like squished tootsies .

I did the Pembrokeshire coastal path in Altra ‘lone peak’ shoes – and unlike the other goat, I didn’t get any blisters!!  Sadly those shoes now have holes in the mesh, the mesh wears out fairly quickly where your toes rub against it.  That said they did walk many miles!!  I’ve now replaced them with  the new model of the Altra lone peak – which is pink & pretty!!  Will have to see how I get on with them now that the good walking weather is here!



Postscript: In response to ‘follow your inner goat”s comment below, here is a picture of the pink shoes… complete with feet in them!


3 thoughts on “Putting a spring in your step #2

  1. Please may we have a photo of said pink and pretty boots?! They sound really good for your goating activities ..hopefully neither goat will experience blisters ! N x


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