Day 4 – Cheddar to Sidcot

We started today by buying our lunch – including Cheddar sandwiches of course! We very pleased to have discovered Hansford’s Deli who made us tasty sandwiches & even better flapjack than yesterday!

As anticipated, our walk started with an ascent! We followed the Gorge Walk up the western side of Cheddar Gorge. It was a beautiful sunny morning, but the sun was quite warm so we were grateful that most of the climb was shaded by trees. The view at the top was spectacular and we had a rest stop to admire it. The only disappointment was that we didn’t see any of the feral goats!!

The route then descend steeply back down and we followed a wide track through a nature reserve to our next ascent through Long Wood. By the time we got to the top we felt we had earned our coffee stop.

The walking then became easier, until we got to Rowberrow Warren….which was like a warren, with a lack of blue arrows to follow! We needed to use the OS app on our phones to find our way back onto the correct path. We celebrated finding it again with some lunch!

Another uphill, fortunately short this time, took us to Shipham village. After Shipham there was just Winterhead Hill between us and our hotel. We were going celebrate climbing it with a cup of tea, but the way was blocked by bullocks, so we also celebrated circumnavigating them in the next field instead.

From there it was no time at all until we were sitting on the veranda of our hotel, watching the sunset & sipping a cocktail! We deserved a reward after 8.5 miles & lots of steep hills.

R & L

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