Day 1 Frome to Shepton Mallet

Should have been approximatey 13.5 miles…we did about 14.5 including detours!

Frome (pronounced to rhyme with broom!) is a pretty little town with lots of independent stores, historical buildings…and lots of hills!

We started our day seeking out the start point for the Mendip Way which conveniently has a cafe (Cheese & Grain) where we could buy sandwiches for our lunch.

After a false start of walking round in circles in Frome trying to follow little blue arrows, we headed into the countryside & had pleasant days walking!

This part of the route was largely wooded valleys which worked out well as we could avoid the light showers under the trees!

The area has an industrial heritage. As well as disused quarries there is a large working quarry at Whatley which had dusted the foliage on that part of our walk with limestone! We also saw a long freight train. Fortunately, the rest of the route was quieter & we didn’t even see many people.

We are regretting our lack of preparation & not listening to our own advice in that regard! Tonight we are relaxing by the open fire at a quirky place called the Dusthole in Shepton Mallet, nursing our achey limbs & bag sores!!

We are proud of ourselves for walking pretty much the entire width of OS map 142. But looking forward to a shorter day tomorrow!

R & L

Our trusty jetboil providing us a tea break before our descent into Shepton Mallet in the valley ahead. The view would have been spectacular if it wasn’t disguised in the clouds.

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