It’s in the bag… but which one?!

Dry bags are great – little water tight bags that you can used to both organise your stuff in your backpack and to keep it safe and dry. I have these ones from sea to summit in a variety of sizes:

The different colours are helpful, but once you’ve bought more than one of each size, you might know something is in a bag, but which one?! We are super proud of this nifty tip – a bit of ‘decoration’ with a permanent marker and there’s no more confusion. Particularly if the doodles match the thing in the bag eg the footprints oneonce had clean socks and change of shoes in, the one with the spirals had things like charger wires and headphones.

Hope this tip helps you pack for your next adventure.

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One thought on “It’s in the bag… but which one?!

  1. Great idea, and I like everything I’ve ever bought from S2S although I don’t have these dry bags. I do like organizing things in my pack, though, by any means possible and I like the hint with the sharpie. My wife got my son and I each a 3-piece set of dry bags from Outdoor Products (sold at Walmart) and we use them quite a bit. Bear activity is not particularly heavy in our part of PA and a vault or Ursack is unnecessary, so we each use the largest of the dry bags to corral our food in our packs, and then that bag becomes our “bear and rodent-deterrent” hang for the night using the counterbalance hanging method!

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