Eco larder!

When we set up camp at Freshwinds we discovered an unexpected facility – an eco larder!!

It took us a while to work out what it was and how it worked, but eventually we realised that if we put something in a carrier bag and attached a string to it, we could store things in it to keep them cool!

We only tried it out with some beer, but we can confirm that on a very hot day it did indeed cool the beer nicely.  A nice eco touch to this back to basics campsite.



3 thoughts on “Eco larder!

  1. Hi R&L,

    Love reading your adventures! Qi had never heard of an eco larder. Was it one you had to share or one per pitch & is this something you would like to see at other campsites? It would be great to see a list of things you two consider an overall ‘essential’ list or close to it you would like to see !

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    • No expenses spared… one larder per pitch! This site had very few rules (a good thing!), but it did have clearly defined pitches. That’s not always a good thing – usually means they are trying to cram as many people as they can into the space, but in this set up it was great as it made sure everyone spread out nicely. They only had 15 pitches so it didn’t get over crowded. Each generous sized pitch had a fire pit and a larder. Very civilised!


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