Some types of fire are better than others!!!

Campfires are great… campsite fires on the other hand are definitely not.

We were giving our Summit portable gas stove one last chance to prove itself.  The ignition spark wasn’t working – it’s not unusual that the ignition switches on stoves are temperamental, so we lit it with a match… and voom flames everywhere!!

Fortunately we had a fire blanket in the car and were able to use it to smother the flames.  Without this, the fire would have kept growing as there was plenty of gas in the canister.  Indeed once the flames were out, the gas kept hissing for a while, so we just left the fire blanket over it and moved it away from our pitch.

Clearly the stove was ruined (but that’s no loss, it wasn’t very good anyway – click here to see a review!), but amazingly the little coffee table it was on cleaned up just fine, and most importantly all the goats were unscathed!

Before your go on your next camping trip PURCHASE A FIRE BLANKET!!

Embrace your inner goat!


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