Last week everyone thought we were mad…

Last week it was freezing cold, everyone thought we were mad to be confidently planning a camping weekend for this bank holiday…but we’re just back from 3 nights of perfect camping weather in Oxfordshire!!

Imagine having to wait until May for our first camping trip of the year?!  What’s going on?!!

Look out for a review of our latest campsite find which will follow shortly!

To be fair, we were a little mad last week.  Being as we didn’t have time to go camping, we pretended and did some fire cooking in the goat’s garden!  It was a little ‘chilly’…. but that makes you appreciate the fire all the more!

North African Chicken Curry was on the menu, followed by chocolate brownies – a new recipe for us.  Fortunately we have 3 friends who are equally as mad as us and they claimed they had a good time!

I wonder what the neighbours thought?!


Embrace your inner goat!

suburban fire food

Fire food in suburbia!


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