Last week everyone thought we were mad…

Last week it was freezing cold, everyone thought we were mad to be confidently planning a camping weekend for this bank holiday…but we’re just back from 3 nights of perfect camping weather in Oxfordshire!!

Imagine having to wait until May for our first camping trip of the year?!  What’s going on?!!

Look out for a review of our latest campsite find which will follow shortly!

To be fair, we were a little mad last week.  Being as we didn’t have time to go camping, we pretended and did some fire cooking in the goat’s garden!  It was a little ‘chilly’…. but that makes you appreciate the fire all the more!

North African Chicken Curry was on the menu, followed by chocolate brownies – a new recipe for us.  Fortunately we have 3 friends who are equally as mad as us and they claimed they had a good time!

I wonder what the neighbours thought?!


Embrace your inner goat!

suburban fire food

Fire food in suburbia!


Look what we cooked in the Dutch oven!

Last post I left you hanging, promising pictures of what we’d cooked.  Sorry for keeping you in suspense, here they are… suet puddings with veg followed by Danish apple cake!

There’s no limit to what you can do with a Dutch oven!!


embrace your inner goat!

Our latest campsite find

Last weekend we tried out a campsite we’d not been to before – Mellow Farm.  For us this is a good find as it isn’t far from South London, just off the A31 near Farnham.  Perfect for a one night stay.

Finding the campsite was a bit tricky, but that was mainly down to my poor map reading!  Although there weren’t any signs even when we got close.

When we did arrive, we found ourselves in the middle of someone’s wedding!  The farm hires out a barn for functions and the wedding party had taken over part of a field with gazebos and their tents.

The most exciting thing about this site is that it has a river running through camping fields.  We were there on a very hot sunny weekend and the site was full of children enjoying jumping into the water and paddling.

We were assigned the ox-bow field, which is a small field bounded by the river and surrounded by trees.  Its disadvantage was that there is only a water tap at the top of the next field… which would have been less of a problem if we’d remembered to take our water containers!  Buy hey, you need to forget something each time, that’s part of the adventure.

As well as trying out a new site, we tried out a new campfire menu… but that will be the subject of our next post.

If you fancy trying our Mellow Farm, be aware that it is only open at weekends.  You can see how it scored against our other favourites here:  Campsites in England


Embrace your inner goat!

What was the surprise gift?!

If you read the last post, you’ll know I went on an early morning adventure to collect something exciting, but couldn’t say what for fear of ruining a surprise!  Well here it is:


Shepherd’s hooks for hanging lanterns…. made especially for us by James at Black Barn Forge!

We’re very please with his attention to detail – an elegant hook, good depth to the hook to accomodate a lantern, pointed ends to make it easier to put them in the ground, and nice and tall to be a good height for a lantern!

The other bit of the surprise was something to hang on the other hook:

These hand-crocheted candle holders are available for sale at the Fayre and Square shop in Wimbledon.

Will tell you more about our camping trip in our next post.


Embrace your inner goat



Look what I had for breakfast!

I needed to be at Horton for 9am this morning… so I thought I’d make the most of the sunshine and have a jet boil breakfast in Horton Country Park!

I do love our jet boil, it’s so compact and speedy.

… as for why I was in Horton for 9am, I couldn’t possibly say… you’ll have to wait for the next post otherwise I’ll spoil a surprise for the other goat!


Embrace your inner goat!

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