Campsites in England

Site: Britchcombe Farm

Setting/location: **** (lovely setting near white horse, but campsite cut by road)

Fires/firewood ***  (must buy their logs, £5/bag, but not well seasoned)

Toilets:  *** (flushable loos a long walk, but plenty of portaloos)

Showers: *** (water temperature variable, but plenty of hooks)


Amenities: **** (cafe on site, pub nearby, but no shops)

Flatness of pitches: *** (get there first to pick a flat pitch)

Group friendliness:*****

Attractions:***  (Nice walks)

Other facilities:  ***( washing up sinks, fridges)

Public transport: * (Need a car)




Site:Hook Farm, West Hoathly

Fires/firewood ***** (£5/bag, burns well)

Toilets:  *** (portaloos & compost loos)

Showers: N/A


Amenities: *** (pub nearby, but no shops)

Flatness of pitches: **

Group friendliness:*****

Attractions:*****  (near Wakehurst Place and Bluebell Railway.  Nice walks)

Other facilities:  N/A

Public transport: * (Need a car)

Comments:       Our current favourite!

Site:       Hale Farm, Chiddingly, East Sussex

Fires/firewood ***** (£5 for 2 bags of mixed logs & kindling)

Toilets:  **** (compost loos – clean, but not many of them)

Showers: N/A (there are a couple, but we didn’t try them out)

Rules:   *****

Amenities: ***** (2 pubs & a shop nearby, farmer sells eggs, bacon & sausages)

Flatness of pitches: ***

Group friendliness:*****

Attractions:*** We did not explore the surrounding area much

Other facilities:  Washing up sink with warm water

Public transport: ?

Comments:       Close contender for our being our favourite!


Site: Mellow Farm

Fires/firewood ****(£5/bag, must use a firepit – hire or bring your own)

Toilets:  ****(flush toilets)

Showers: N/A (they have them, but we’re dirty & didn’t try them!)


Amenities: ** (farmhouse sells bacon, eggs, sausages and jam, but no shops or pubs nearby)

Flatness of pitches: *****

Group friendliness:*** (flexible pitches, but site gets full)


Other facilities:  ***  (wash-up sink and water tap, but can be long walk from tent)

Public transport: ** (20 mins to Farnham station by car)

Comments:       River runs through campsite which you can paddle in!


Site: Stoneywish, Ditchling

Fires/firewood **** (£6/bag, burns well but no kindling)

Toilets:  *** (flushable, but not pristine.  Only small sinks)

Showers: N/A


Amenities: ***** (tearooms, pubs and small shops nearby)

Flatness of pitches: *****

Group friendliness:*****

Other facilities:  * (basically just a field with a tap.  Very small shop on site.  Take rubbish home)

Attractions:*****  (on nature reserve, rope swings, playpark nearby, craft museum, nice walks)

Public transport: ***  (Hassocks train station with direct trains to London is a short drive away)


Site:       Etherley Farm, near Leith Hill

Fires/firewood *****

Toilets:  **

Showers: ?

Rules:   ****

Amenities:    ** (can walk through woods to pub)

Flatness of pitches:  *****

Group friendliness:   *****

Attractions:  *** (Near Leith Hill for nice walks)

Other facilities: 

Public transport: * (Need a car unless you’re backpacking)


Site:       Tanners Hatch, Ranmore, near Dorking

Fires/firewood **** (No wood for sale, but you’re allowed to gather it)

Toilets:  ***

Showers: ?

Rules:   *** (bring photographic ID!)

Amenities: *

Flatness of pitches: ****

Group friendliness:****

Attractions:** (nice walks nearby, near Polesden Lacey)

Other facilities: You can use the kitchen in the Youth Hostel

Public transport: N/A – no vehicular access


Site:       Stubcroft Farm, East Wittering

Fires/firewood *** (18″ rule for firepits strictly enforced. £6-£8/bag burns well).

Toilets:  ***

Showers: ? (we’re dirty & didn’t try them out!)

Rules:   * (lots of rules & very well enforced via clipboard & deposits)

Amenities:    ****  (East Wittering is nearby.  Small shop on site.)

Flatness of pitches:  ***** (Pitches marked & numbered)

Group friendliness:   *

Attractions:  ****  (Beach & village)

Other facilities: Washing up facility.

Public transport: ****  (Hassocks train station with direct trains to London is a short drive away)

Comments:       Camping with a group was stressful.