Campsites in England

Site: Freshwinds

Setting/location: ****

Fires/firewood *****  (fires allowed, logs available to buy – reasonably priced & burn well)

Toilets:  * (compost loos and urinals were a bit smelly and untidy, stairs up to them a bit dangerous)

Showers: **** (has warm showers)

Rules:***** (well organised, but laid back)

Other facilities:  **** (recycling & food waste facilities, covered washing up station with hot water, eco larder for each pitch, kiddies play area)

Flatness of pitches: *****

Group friendliness:**** (would be great for a group, but website booking was a little unclear)

Amenities: *** (could walk to village teashop & pub, no shops)

Attractions:****(beach, nice walks, not far to Hastings, animals at the farm)

Public transport: * (trains to Hastings)

Comments: Nicely arranged site with only 15 pitches around the edge of the field, so that even on a sunny bank holiday it didn’t feel too crowded.

Updated: August 2019

Site: Barefoot Campsite

Setting/location: ***** (pretty site on a bend in the river)

Fires/firewood *****(fires allowed, must buy their logs, but it burns very well)

Toilets:  *** (compost loos and urinals, clean but could do with more)

Showers: ** (has showers, but they weren’t hot and tray overflowed)

Rules:*(well organised, but lots of rules)

Amenities: *****(little shop on site, can walk to village shop & pub)

Flatness of pitches: *****

Group friendliness:*(booking system would make taking a group stressful)

Attractions:*****(kayaks for hire, river swimming permitted, located on Thames Path)

Other facilities:  ** (good recycling facilities, cold water washing up station, doesn’t have a sink for brushing teeth/washing face)

Public transport: *** (S6 gold bus from Oxford, but didn’t try it!)

Comments: see post

Updated: July 2019

Site: Britchcombe Farm

Setting/location: **** (lovely setting near white horse, but campsite cut by road)

Fires/firewood ***  (must buy their logs, £5/bag, but not well seasoned)

Toilets:  *** (flushable loos a long walk, but plenty of portaloos)

Showers: **** (water temperature variable, but plenty of hooks)


Amenities: **** (cafe on site, pub nearby, but no shops)

Flatness of pitches: *** (get there first to pick a flat pitch)

Group friendliness:***** (very flexible)

Attractions:***  (Nice walks)

Other facilities:  ***( washing up sinks, fridges, freezers)

Public transport: * (Need a car)

Comments: Great venue for watching Red Kites!

Updated: May 2019

Site:Hook Farm, West Hoathly

Fires/firewood ***** (£5/bag, burns well)

Toilets:  *** (portaloos & compost loos)

Showers: N/A


Amenities: *** (pub nearby, but no shops)

Flatness of pitches: **

Group friendliness:*****

Attractions:*****  (near Wakehurst Place and Bluebell Railway.  Nice walks)

Other facilities:  N/A

Public transport: * (Need a car)

Comments:       Our current favourite!

Site:       Hale Farm, Chiddingly, East Sussex

Fires/firewood ***** (£5 for 2 bags of mixed logs & kindling)

Toilets:  **** (compost loos – clean, but not many of them)

Showers: N/A (there are a couple, but we didn’t try them out)

Rules:   *****

Amenities: ***** (2 pubs & a shop nearby, farmer sells eggs, bacon & sausages)

Flatness of pitches: ***

Group friendliness:*****

Attractions:*** We did not explore the surrounding area much

Other facilities:  Washing up sink with warm water

Public transport: ?

Comments:       Close contender for our being our favourite!


Site: Mellow Farm

Fires/firewood ****(£5/bag, must use a firepit – hire or bring your own)

Toilets:  ****(flush toilets)

Showers: N/A (they have them, but we’re dirty & didn’t try them!)


Amenities: ** (farmhouse sells bacon, eggs, sausages and jam, but no shops or pubs nearby)

Flatness of pitches: *****

Group friendliness:*** (flexible pitches, but site gets full)


Other facilities:  ***  (wash-up sink and water tap, but can be long walk from tent)

Public transport: ** (20 mins to Farnham station by car)

Comments:       River runs through campsite which you can paddle in!

Site: Stoneywish, Ditchling

Fires/firewood **** (£6/bag, burns well but no kindling)

Toilets:  *** (flushable, but not pristine.  Only small sinks)

Showers: N/A


Amenities: ***** (tearooms, pubs and small shops nearby)

Flatness of pitches: *****

Group friendliness:*****

Other facilities:  * (basically just a field with a tap.  Very small shop on site.  Take rubbish home)

Attractions:*****  (on nature reserve, rope swings, playpark nearby, craft museum, nice walks)

Public transport: ***  (Hassocks train station with direct trains to London is a short drive away)


Site:       Etherley Farm, near Leith Hill

Fires/firewood *****

Toilets:  **

Showers: ?

Rules:   ****

Amenities:    ** (can walk through woods to pub)

Flatness of pitches:  *****

Group friendliness:   *****

Attractions:  *** (Near Leith Hill for nice walks)

Other facilities: 

Public transport: * (Need a car unless you’re backpacking)


Site:       Tanners Hatch, Ranmore, near Dorking

Fires/firewood **** (No wood for sale, but you’re allowed to gather it)

Toilets:  ***

Showers: ?

Rules:   *** (bring photographic ID!)

Amenities: *

Flatness of pitches: ****

Group friendliness:****

Attractions:** (nice walks nearby, near Polesden Lacey)

Other facilities: You can use the kitchen in the Youth Hostel

Public transport: N/A – no vehicular access


Site:       Stubcroft Farm, East Wittering

Fires/firewood *** (18″ rule for firepits strictly enforced. £6-£8/bag burns well).

Toilets:  ***

Showers: ? (we’re dirty & didn’t try them out!)

Rules:   * (lots of rules & very well enforced via clipboard & deposits)

Amenities:    ****  (East Wittering is nearby.  Small shop on site.)

Flatness of pitches:  ***** (Pitches marked & numbered)

Group friendliness:   *

Attractions:  ****  (Beach & village)

Other facilities: Washing up facility.

Public transport: ****  (Hassocks train station with direct trains to London is a short drive away)

Comments:       Camping with a group was stressful.

Stoneywish, Ditchling40
Britchcombe Farm37
Barefoot Campsite36
Hale Farm, Chiddingly, East Sussex36
Mellow Farm35
Hook Farm, West Hoathly34
Stubcroft Farm, East Wittering31
Etherley Farm, near Leith Hill30
Tanners Hatch, Ranmore, near Dorking30
Total campsite scores as of June 2020